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Whether you have a preexisting thyroid condition, or just suspect that you may, you have come to the right place!

The thyroid is an important gland for so many reasons – it plays an important role in metabolism, weight control, mood, digestive health, menstruation, bone health, and heart health. When the thyroid suboptimal you may have symptoms such as trouble losing weight, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails, and/or feel constantly cold. An overactive thyroid may produce symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety, weight loss, and difficulty sleeping. For a more comprehensive list of symptoms, please click this link for a thyroid symptom evaluation checklist.

A Naturopathic approach to your thyroid issues can help to determine the root cause of your health concerns and provide various conventional and conjunctive alternative management options.

Common Thyroid Concerns Managed by Dr. Burke:

Thyroid Management Strategy:

Initial Assessment of your thyroid gland will give a baseline of your thyroid health. At your first visit, Dr. Burke will take into account a thorough clinical history of your symptoms, as well as your family history. She will perform indicated Physical Exams to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Finally, she will order lab work to assess your thyroid health. Examples of common initial labs for diagnosing thyroid issues include but are not limited to TSH, FreeT3, FreeT4, and Thyroid Antibodies. Please check out this video for more about thyroid health and this article for common thyroid lab work. After receiving all information, Dr. Burke will provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan. This will include dietary and lifestyle counselling, supplemental/ herbal support, and, if indicated, discussion of medication options for your thyroid condition. Dr. Burke’s initial appointments are one hour in length, which provides ample time for questions and thorough evaluation of your thyroid concerns.

After your initial appointment, Dr. Burke will follow up regularly with lab testing and symptom updates to provide safe and effective thyroid management. Dr. Burke strives to keep her patients feeling their best by utilizing a combination of conventional and alternative care options!

What sets Dr. Burke Apart?

Dr. Burke is a licensed naturopathic doctor with a focus in endocrinology and has received extensive thyroid management training. Dr. Burke looks at the body as a whole. While your thyroid itself may be a component of your health, she also looks into other body systems and your lifestyle in order to find the root cause of your thyroid issues. Dr. Burke also uses optimal lab ranges to interpret your thyroid labs. Of upmost importance to her is research based ethical medicine, keeping up to date with the latest in conventional and alternative medicine. She melds the two worlds together to provide the best care possible.

Common Questions:

How often do I need to follow up?

This is very dependent on the individual. Some of the factors taken into account for a follow up include the type of thyroid condition, medication dosage changes, your symptoms, and any other additional health concerns you may have. In general, labs will be re-evaluated 6 weeks after a medication dose change to ensure adequate and safe dosage. Once your thyroid labs and symptoms have stabilized; follow ups will be at minimum every six months to one year, or more frequently as desired.

Do you use alternative/ herbal medicine to manage thyroid conditions?

Yes, but it depends on the type of thyroid condition. Often herbal medicines and supplementation will be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. For additional information please check out this article.

What type of medication options are there for your hypothyroid?

There are 2 types of thyroid medication – Synthetic or Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT). At your visit we will discuss, if indicated, what options are available to you based on your thyroid labs, symptoms, prior medications, lifestyle/religious beliefs, and medication costs.

“My labs came back normal but I feel like I have all the symptoms of thyroid condition, what should I do”?

An initial appointment can help Dr. Burke to determine if your thyroid could be contributing to your health concerns. She can perform comprehensive labs to look not only at your thyroid but other body systems to determine a root cause of your symptoms.

How can I book an appointment?

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