Hormone Balancing

Dr. Burke is passionate about helping women feel their very best! Dr. Burke provides a variety of options for hormone balancing for women of all ages – from regulating irregular cycles to post-menopause, she’s got you covered!

In recent years, focus on women’s health has gone from just a yearly PAP smear and breast exam to discussion around what optimal women’s health is. Women feel empowered to talk to their health care providers about topics that were previously perceived as “normal”- things like painful periods and PMS symptoms which include cravings, mood changes, acne, and changes during perimenopause like lowered libido, hot flashes, and brain fog. Seeking treatment for hormone balance means that women are finally able to start the journey to optimal health and complete wellness.

Common Female Hormone Concerns Managed by Dr. Burke:

Common Women’s Medicine Concerns Managed by Dr. Burke:

Female Hormone Balance and Management Strategy:

At your first appointment Dr. Burke will take a thorough clinical and family history to get a picture of your health concerns and goals. She will also perform indicated Physical Exams to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Finally, she will order indicated comprehensive lab work to assess your hormone health. In addition to female hormone specific labs, lab work that measures other related body systems such as your liver and metabolic function will be completed. In this way Dr. Burke is able to better address the root cause of your hormone related symptoms and/ or conditions. Dr. Burke’s initial appointments are one hour in length in order to provide ample time evaluation of your hormone concerns and to answer all questions.

After receiving all relevant information, Dr. Burke will provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that includes dietary and lifestyle counselling, supplemental/ herbal support, and if appropriate discussion of pharmaceutical options. Dr. Burke uses optimal lab ranges, looking beyond conventional reference ranges, and takes into context the values in relation to each other to best interpret your labs. Dr. Burke will not only provide a treatment plan for your concern but also work to identify and explain why your hormones are imbalanced in the first place.

After your initial appointment, Dr. Burke will follow up regularly with lab testing and check in with your symptoms to provide safe and effective hormone management. Dr. Burke strives to keep her patients feeling their best while utilizing a combination of conventional and alternative care options and truly listening to your concerns!

What sets Dr. Burke Apart?

Dr. Burke is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a focus in endocrinology and Women’s Health. She is an advocate for your health and well-being, looking beyond labs that appear to come back “normal” and conventional care options. Dr. Burke looks at the body as a whole, which involves looking at all components of well-being. While your hormones may contribute to your symptoms, Dr. Burke also will look at other body systems and lifestyle to identify the root cause of your imbalance. Of utmost importance to her is research-based and ethical medicine, which requires keeping up to date with the latest in conventional and alternative medicine.

Common Questions:

How do I know if my hormones are imbalanced?

Hormone imbalances can manifest in many ways. There are a variety of signs and symptoms hormonal in nature and is highly dependent on why and how your hormones are imbalanced.

Common Types can include (please note this is not an all-inclusive list of types and signs)

How are hormone imbalances treated?

Choosing treatment options for hormone balance isn’t always cut and dry. Depending on why your hormones are imbalanced will impact management.

Comprehensive treatment usually involves:

For more information please check out this article.

I’m not interested in bioidentical hormones but I would like to balance my hormones, can you help?

Yes, there are so many other options out there. Various herbals and supplements can effectively help with a variety of symptoms and conditions. I work with women to meet them where they are at and to honor their choices.

Can we discuss birth control options?

Yes! Dr. Burke can provide information to help you make an informed choice about your reproductive health.

Do you provide Well Women’s exams?

At this time Dr. Burke will refer out for Well Women’s exams (routine gynecologic care such as PAP and breast exams). But she would love to be adjunctive in your care.

What Lab options do you have?

Depending on your health concerns, Dr. Burke will recommend Serum (Blood), Salivary, and/or Urine Testing. Dr. Burke can discuss various insurance and cash-pay lab options to best fit your needs.

How can I book an appointment?

Please use the online appointment scheduler, contact the doctor via the form below, or call the office at 480- 702-1445. We would love to see how we can help you feel optimal!

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