Digestive Health

Digestive Health is what originally brought Dr. Burke into Naturopathic Medicine. After personally experiencing the power of herbal medicine she was inspired to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Burke is passionate about helping those struggling with digestive issues and providing effective solutions.

Digestive Health doesn’t always end in the gut. Hormones, stress, lifestyle can all impact your gastrointestinal system, this is why finding the root cause of digestive health is incredibly important. Discovering the true cause of the problem is as or more important than treating symptoms. This goes both ways though; your hormone health is also greatly influenced by digestive health. Poor digestive function can impact many other areas of your health as well.

At your initial one-hour appointment Dr. Burke will go through your current concerns, medical, family, and social history. She will also perform any indicated physical exams and provide ample time for questions. At the end of your visit she will provide any indicated treatment options and will order specific comprehensive lab work for your digestive health concerns and goals.

At your thirty-minute follow-up appointment Dr. Burke will provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan- including dietary and lifestyle recommendations, supplemental/ herbal support, and if appropriate discussion of pharmaceutical options. Dr. Burke tries not to only provide a treatment plan but also try to identify a root cause to your health concerns. Dr. Burke will recommend regular lab testing and appointments to provide safe and effective care!

Common Digestive Concerns Managed by Dr. Burke:

Dr. Burke will also co-manage cases with the involvement of a specialist (ex. Gastroenterologist):

What sets Dr. Burke Apart?

Dr. Burke is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a focus in endocrinology and Women’s Health. She is an advocate for your health and well-being, looking beyond labs that appear to come back “normal” and conventional care options. Dr. Burke looks at the body as a whole, looking at all components of well-being. Of utmost importance to her is research based ethical medicine, keeping up to date with the latest in conventional and alternative medicine.

Common Questions:

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