Adrenal Support

Feeling fatigued all day but can’t fall asleep at night?

Exhausted all day and crash at night?

Perhaps you are feeling buzzed before bed?

Your adrenal gland may be to blame!

The adrenal glands are often passed by when it comes to health care. The adrenals are small glands that sit on top of your kidneys and produce “stress hormones.” In times of acute danger or stress, the adrenal glands are vital to giving you the extra boost of energy you need. The problem for your adrenals lies in times of chronic stress or detrimental lifestyle factors. They simply cannot always sustain the pressure you place on them!

Dr. Burke can help to determine if your adrenals are playing a role in your health concerns! In conjunction with a thorough history, serum and salivary testing can help to determine if your adrenal glands are feeling strained. Dr. Burke will measure your cortisol levels to establish your cortisol rhythm. Cortisol levels should be high in the morning and gradually slope down in the evening – this way you have adequate cortisol in the morning to get up and going, and lower levels at night to let your body rest. If your rhythm is off it can cause havoc on your sleep and energy levels. Dr. Burke utilizes herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors to help correct dysfunctional rhythms.

There are various types of dysfunctional patterns which can produce varying symptoms. Determining a pattern will guide successful treatment.

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